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Navigate Care Consulting helps organizations by offering expert advice on creating or modifying business wellness programs. We aim to encourage health in employees regardless of their job description and work environment. The idea is to reduce healthcare expenses and make the work space a more inviting and relaxing environment for all. We are becoming a mainstay among organizations whether large or small in the United States.

Navigate Care Consulting’s business wellness programs can significantly improve absenteeism and reduce the cost of employee healthcare thus increasing productivity. They can also increase safety habits among workers.

Our services are diversified from helping set up an office gym for staff members to utilize, offering healthy dietary choices in the cafeteria, to having professional health consultations for individual healthcare needs. Our programs are designed to help decrease medical treatment and medications for employees.

Navigate Care Consulting provides an array of services including but not limited to:

  • Conducting employee health surveys,
  • Settings up health screenings,
  • Manage an annual physical activity campaign,
  • Explain and promote healthy dietary habits,
  • Set up a wellness library,
  • Circulate a health newsletter,
  • Put healthy policies and procedures into action,
  • Support community health efforts

Opt for Navigate Care, because wellness is a strategic investment in your organization.

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