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Are you a patient, family member, or a caregiver in need of health navigation assistance? A serious medical diagnosis can be terrifying and may have a negative impact on family and friends, leaving them overwhelmed and depressed.

Find the best private health navigator with Navigate Care Consulting. Our staff is readily available to provide medical help for individuals looking to self hire, or families in need of services for their loved ones.

Our health navigators offer a range of services from helping patients figure out what services they are in need of, how to reserve them, and how to use them efficiently. Our navigators are also there to assist patients, understand their diagnoses, treatment plans, and medications.

This could include:

  • Going with you together to your medical appointments,
  • Helping you understand your illnesses and treatment options,
  • Helping you make difficult medical decisions,
  • Assisting your family to come to an agreement on difficult decisions that need to be made for a loved seeking medical assistance,
  • Finding legal counsel after a medical error and track records, other documentation, paperwork, etc.

Navigators are readily available and can explain complex medical concepts, procedures or medications, and prepare patients for medical visits.

We at Navigate Care Counseling understand that families often live far away from each other, hospitals, and other medical centers. Our professionals are here to help you go through all your medical treatments and provide assistance wherever needed. 


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