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Medical Legal Review 1 Navigate Care Consulting

Navigate Care Consulting works with legal offices and attorneys to serve their client. We review and critically analyze healthcare records, as well as other related documentation necessary for the evaluation of medical legal cases or claims.

Our professional medical team provides help that your client needs, whether for defendant or plaintiff. They have the knowledge and capability to understand any type of medical content and spot missing or late entries, medication delays or errors, time span discrepancies in assessments and reevaluations, deviations from standards of care, tampering with the record, etc.

We provide our client’s legal practice a competitive medical edge at the most reasonable rates. The services we provide include:

Medical Record Analysis

  • Review, organize and interpret medical documentation,
  • Sum up, interpret or translate medical records,
  • Locate, interpret and summarize applicable standards of care,
  • Assess damages or injuries and identify the causation and contributing factors,
  • Produce written reports that can be used as the attorney’s study tools.

Case Support

  • Investigate and sum up any medical literature,
  • Recommend and update additions to the attorney’s medical library.

Medical Liaison

  • Interview clients, experts and key witnesses,
  • Request advice from healthcare providers,
  • Attend and report on Independent Medical Evaluations (IME).

Expert Testimony, Witness and Court Preparation

  • Recognize the types of testifying experts needed,
  • Examine potential experts’ reports and other work related documentation,
  • Analyze and sum up past testimonies and depositions.

Our nurses work on your medical documentation allowing you time for other legal matters at the most reasonable consultation fee in the region.

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